Yellowduke Photography: Blog en-us (C) Yellowduke Photography (Yellowduke Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:16:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:16:00 GMT Yellowduke Photography: Blog 90 120 It's been a while Wow a year since my last blog post.  I'm surprised actually I thought I might have posted something at least.  Oh well.

So there have been quite a few shoots with some fantastic models in that time.  I continue to work overseas so that in part explains my lack of posts I suppose.  I have just quit the Guild of Photographers having joined four years ago but never really made use of my membership.  I only started doing the monthly competition last year gaining six bronze awards for my images.  I had higher hopes for my work and I suppose that demoralising aspect is one of the reasons I decided to quit.  That said my results were consistently good and of a standard they would term professional.  Anyway, the money saved on membership and competition entries is a tidy little sum I can use to but some fine ales!

Quite a few shoots coming up so some new images to post soon and maybe have a clear out of those boring wedding and family galleries.  I'm sticking to portraits and the sexy stuff now.

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Competition Award


I have been a member of The Guild of Photographers for a few years but had never thought about entering one of the monthly competitions.  In February I thought it was about time I gave it a go and was pleased to receive a Bronze Bar Award for this image.  Unfortunately of my three entries I had one disqualified as I failed to follow the rules and the third was Classified which is a bit like 'close but no cigar'.  Still, not a bad showing really for the first time.  Let's see how I do next time.


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More Great Images Added Since I got back home again I have had several shoots and captured some great images.  I have a new muse to inspire me in the form of Lily who is a Worcester based model with a great look.  Several more shoots to come in the next couple of weeks before I ship out again so keep an eye out.

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Lots of new images Quite a few recent shoots so lots of new images uploaded.  More shoots in the next couple of weeks as well before I head back to Africa so keep an eye open.

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Education never ends Spent a day at a seminar run by Mark Cleghorn of the Photography Academy this week on the subject of Boudoir photography.  Very informative day with a demonstration shoot featuring a very lovely model, which is always a bonus!  Lots of photographers attended which goes to show I'm not the only one out there that thinks they can always learn something new however good we might think we are.  Definitely worth a look at his website if you are interested in learning a few things.

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Africa Calling Well the consultancy work took me to Dubai for a couple of months early this year and I am now on a longer tern contract in Somalia working in Mogadishu.  Interesting work on a project delivering media and communications support.  It's a different world out there and my first time in the real Africa.  The time for photography has been very limited as a result but I have a couple of shoots planned before I head off on my travels again.

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Back from a break Photography has taken a back seat of late while I concentrated on my consultancy business but I is now time to get back in the frame. See what I did there? Looking forward to the Photography Show next month and catching up on what is happening in the industry and what I can take from that to offer clients.

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Pets And Pictures I learnt a hard lesson recently when the family dog died unexpectedly after a short illness.  When I started to look through the photos I found that I had some great memories but little in the way of good photos.  I realised I had missed the chance to get that defining image that showed her true character and I had to make do with what I had.  I now have a print hanging in the kitchen that goes part of the way but it really doesn't do her justice.  It's a lesson for us all to capture those moments with and of the animals we love because we never know when they might be gone forever.

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The Guild Of Photographers When I was at The Photography Show I came across the stand for the Guild Of Photographers.  A friendly bunch and from what I saw of the members there a very supportive bunch too.  They cater for amateurs, professionals and people like me looking to take a hobby forward to a business.  Long story short I decided to join up and am now a registered member.  The great thing about this is that it operates along the same lines as the guilds of craftsmen which offers some peace of mind to customers that they are dealing with someone that is proficient and has proven their skills.  At the moment I am 'Registered' status so my next step is to submit a panel of images for assessment for 'Qualified' status.  Watch this space!  More information about the guild can be found here

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The Photography Show At The NEC Visited the Photography Show at the NEC today and spent much of my time at Zenfolio seminars picking up tips on running my website.  Very useful all round although I am still struggling with getting my home page images to display fully as they all get cropped for some reason.  I am back at the show again tomorrow for another round of seminars on more business related subjects which I am looking forward to.

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An Interesting Talk On Shoot Planning I was at an interesting talk this week about shoot planning.  I came away with some interesting thoughts and useful tips and here are a few.

Make use of an app called Dropbox for cloud storage and syncing across your devices.  2.5gb of free space to be had and useful for sharing.

Register on Pinterest and add the app to your devices so if you see a picture or webpage you like you can just pin it!

You can use these as resources for storing the things that inspire you and to plan future photo shoots!

CreativeLive is an American site that streams live learning seminars and shows.  A useful resource for free learning on a variety of subjects.

I was also pointed towards a great fashion photographer called Lara Jade.  I picked up her book, Fashion Photography 101, on Amazon and at first glance it looks like a good learning resource.  Thanks to Gordon Millner for the tips.

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Pole Fitness Shoot

New gallery added for a Pole Fitness shoot I recently did.  Impressive strength and fitness is needed to hold these positions and it is a popular means of exercise these days.

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Wedding Shoot A friend needed help shooting a wedding so I volunteered to assist.  A long day but worth the effort and some great results.  You can see some of the shots in my wedding gallery but the people shots have been omitted as they are copyright of the lead photographer.

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