It's been a while

March 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Wow a year since my last blog post.  I'm surprised actually I thought I might have posted something at least.  Oh well.

So there have been quite a few shoots with some fantastic models in that time.  I continue to work overseas so that in part explains my lack of posts I suppose.  I have just quit the Guild of Photographers having joined four years ago but never really made use of my membership.  I only started doing the monthly competition last year gaining six bronze awards for my images.  I had higher hopes for my work and I suppose that demoralising aspect is one of the reasons I decided to quit.  That said my results were consistently good and of a standard they would term professional.  Anyway, the money saved on membership and competition entries is a tidy little sum I can use to but some fine ales!

Quite a few shoots coming up so some new images to post soon and maybe have a clear out of those boring wedding and family galleries.  I'm sticking to portraits and the sexy stuff now.


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