An Interesting Talk On Shoot Planning

December 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I was at an interesting talk this week about shoot planning.  I came away with some interesting thoughts and useful tips and here are a few.

Make use of an app called Dropbox for cloud storage and syncing across your devices.  2.5gb of free space to be had and useful for sharing.

Register on Pinterest and add the app to your devices so if you see a picture or webpage you like you can just pin it!

You can use these as resources for storing the things that inspire you and to plan future photo shoots!

CreativeLive is an American site that streams live learning seminars and shows.  A useful resource for free learning on a variety of subjects.

I was also pointed towards a great fashion photographer called Lara Jade.  I picked up her book, Fashion Photography 101, on Amazon and at first glance it looks like a good learning resource.  Thanks to Gordon Millner for the tips.


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